| A Non-Commercial Platform developed with an endeavor to serve the Humanity utilizing the Internet's power to bridge the gap between the Donors and the Recipients.

A Wonderful Platform to seek help when in Need! We all start SMSing, BBMing, Whatsapping et al to our Limited Network to seek Donors but Blood4Help helps you to reach out to a Larger Network of Willing Individuals! It helps to Bridge the Gap Between your Limited Network and the Internet's Power fuelled by Facebook's reach to Millions.

Please Spread the Word, your Like and Share might Save a Life, earning Blessings!

How Blood4Help Works -
  • Post a Request - Those in Need fill out the Form | No Registration Required, we Want you to Reach out to the Donors at the Earliest.
  • Volunteers Informed - The Request is Conveyed but Don't Fear Breach of Privacy, your Contact Details aren't Handed out yet!
  • Review by Volunteers - Your Request is Forwarded to the Volunteers.
  • SOS - After Approval, the Request is Posted on Facebook & Twitter. Integrated Systems help you to Reach out Millions Instantaneously as Your Details are made Public!
  • We're a Not-for-Profit Initiative, we're here to Serve the Mankind

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